Atlantic County Residents Outreach Association,Inc. -                  "WHERE PEOPLES NEEDS COME FIRST"
My name Is Darlene Pettus the Founder/ President of Atlantic County Residents Outreach Association,Inc. formed  May 11,2010 exclusively for charitable purpose.(Non-Profit)More specifically,  the purpose of this Corporations is to engage in the efforts to enrich and enhance the quality of  life for low-income families,babies,youth,adult individuals and senior citizens to lessen the burdens, and enrich the lives of our low-income residents to access the necessities of life for their families and babies,while trying to lessen the tensions in to days economy.
To assist low-income individuals with accessing educational, recreational, and other structured programs as well as employment opportunities to enable them to pursue their dreams of a better life,to connect with resources to prevent juvenile delinquency and drugs use among  youth  as well as resources and programs made  available to them.Additionally the organization through its Board President, has regularly sought out information about community services and job opportunities through the Board Social Service and The One Stop Program, other programs Energy Assistance Programs,Food Stamps Programs which information  has been distributed to low income residents in Atlantic City NJ. The organization's information / jobs distribution service not only provides immediate information to residents about community resources available to them for job hunting,training and classes for learning computer skills and resume writing.The association volunteers are also able to give encouragement to the residents to stay strong in their quest for a better life.
The organization through its board members and volunteers has distributed diapers, baby  formula, baby wipes to 879  low-income families at our annual diaper drive. We also distributed can goods, clothes, shoes,  baby diapers, babies milk ,adult diapers, to low-income families and even the  homeless in Atlantic City NJ.  
As we grow,we anticipate the need  to raise funds and receive personal donations,business donations,website donations and other fund raising activities as may be developed not only to increase our ability to purchase more diapers, food, clothes,shoes,babies milk,adult diapers to be distributed to our low-income families and residents.
All of  this will be done with the help of our board and the volunteers who are committed in giving of their time and efforts to make Atlantic County Residents Outreach Association,Inc.That is why this association is proud to announce that on March 1, 2013 we have open the first Consignment Store at 155 So. New York Ave in Atlantic City, NJ  but we still need the public help with your generous donations to keep this store and our association up and running so that we can continue to serve our residents in Atlantic City, NJ  as well as Atlantic County.

This association is tax exempt  501(c) (3). You can make a  donation with  your credit card (PayPal) or  mail a check or money order  payable to"Atlantic County Residents Outreach Association,Inc." C/O Mrs. Darlene Pettus-President, 300 Atlantic Ave #701 Atlantic City New Jersey  08401. No donations are too small for this great cause.Thank you so much for your support. Visit us on  Facebook or Twitter. E-mail